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888 Casino in Canada

Today will rate the casino 888.com - one of the earliest casinos on the internet. It is generally one of the first onloine casinos. We can feel in it like in a casino from a real event and also, above all, have fun in it. Casino 888.com it was founded by a renowned company-already in 1991 and has been developing dynamically ever since-and has undoubtedly become one of the most important players in this market.

Eager to get playing and winning at 888 Casino? Then you’re in luck! Claiming your €1000 New Player Bonus is easy. Once you’ve registered your new real money account, simply log in with your unique username and password, using your desktop or mobile device. Then, make a deposit via any of our trusted and secure banking methods.

It is also worth emphasizing that initially this company founded the site casino – on –net, which as one of the first in the internet allowed to play online in the casino in addition, on the same site using the same account for logging in you could also use betting-it was a complete innovation in the market of gambling services in general and – however, it must be remembered that the casino 888.com it was one of the originals and it should be appreciated on the one hand and on the other hand it is difficult to underestimate such a large experience that has in the market of gambling services this company, which founded the online casino 888.com.

Unlike many gambling service providers, the company is based in giblartar. The company is overseen by the giblartar gaming and Lotteries Commission which guarantees the high quality that is required by the license terms but we also have for this reason the confidence that the company should not fail our trust and with all certainty will not disappear from the market along with the money that we have deposited overnight being a complete bush company.

An interesting fact and a certain variation, which certainly affects the fact that it is worth to be interested in this casino is the fact that the casino benefits from its own software Random logic competitive for the basic most well-known on the gambling market companies that create software and logic of slot games and any other is such as for example Playtech or Microgaming. The software works very reliably-the algorithm seems to be fine-tuned and at the same time we did not encounter any technical problems with this software.

Deposit and bonus at 888 Casino

Opening an online casino account 888.com it is no different in terms of procedure from what we can observe in other online casinos-we provide our standard personal data and we can already start playing-of course, after the deposit of money if we want to play in the account for real money. The whole thing-even with a deposit will probably take us no more than 5 minutes-that is, as much as getting to this place of the article, if you managed it.

Casino 888.com it offers an unprecedentedly large number of available deposit and withdrawal methods. There are dozens of deposit methods-we will not discuss them in detail here, because each has different minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts-it is worth to get acquainted with this in the context of the method that we will eventually want to use. In such a large number of methods to choose from, of course, will find the usual such as credit or debit cards-Visa, MasterCard and the most popular electronic porfel.

Deposit methods 888Casino

In addition to the amounts of minimum deposits and withdrawals, they also differ, of course, in the speed of implementation, e – wallets are usually quite fast, but bank transfers are much worse. From our experience with 888.com it follows, however, that all methods work smoothly-above all reliably-except for the first payment where, as is usually the case in this industry, verification must be carried out-which detail often depends on the size of the amount that we want to withdraw.

It is worth mentioning about the bonus, which can be in the casino 888.com quite tall. In addition to the First Deposit Bonus, there are also trading bonuses that we can get for up to 1 year of playing at the casino 888.com.after this time, we will also have the opportunity to use other bonuses-it is worth to be up to date with this-playing with bonuses we can earn much more than bypassing these promotions.

Of course, the specific conditions of the bonus should be read on the website-the conditions change frequently and new bonuses come-the customer service will certainly give us answers about the conditions also in polish (although in English for it is certainly more efficient and faster). We can also in order to know the conditions check what about this can be found in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) - which is well run on the site of this casino.

Rating and review of 888 Casino

888casino it offers both bookmaking and casino games. It is one of the first providers in the gambling industry, which made it possible to place sports bets as well as play in an online casino using an account on the site of one provider-this was actually an innovation then, although now it is becoming the norm. Well prepared on the site are all kinds of games that distinguish this casino-because they are built on the basis of proprietary software written by this casino-it is sometimes worth trying something else.

The bonus offer at this online casino is also well thought out. 888.com it does not only give us a bonus for the first deposit but also additional funds for the first year and then a number of other bonuses – responding to the allegations of many players that casinos only care about new players instead of keeping the customer for longer. Summarizing our experience with 888.com it is positive and we think it is worth a try a play in one of the oldest casinos in the online gambling market.


As mentioned above from the casino platform 888.com we can use both computers and mobile devices. On computers – because in our opinion the easiest way to use the platform we can use the installation version of the platform or play with virtually unlimited functionality also using the flash version in the browser-virtually any of the most popular.

It was also mentioned that the casino 888.com it uses proprietary software and thus tries to stand out in a certain way on the market, while at the same time ensuring its reliability and guaranteeing it itself-in case of malfunctions, it cannot blame external suppliers. It should be emphasized that although this software is only used in the casino 888.com it is very well tested and does not cause users problems. In case of any problems, there is a very well-prepared customer service.

For some, however, it will leave a little to be desired-contact, although possible in 14 languages, is less efficient than in other online casinos. Frequently ask questions (FAQs), which are collected on the site together with the answers, are excellent for this-thanks to which we can easily search for them on the site and in practice often find the answer faster than a consultant would give us-we need to turn to him only in case of more complex issues or the need to solve some specific individual problem.

Games at 888 Casino

You can use it both in the flash version and also by downloading to your own computer. The cool thing is that this casino is different thanks to its own game software and above all the visual and graphical effects used in them are different from the competition, which often uses very similar solutions – often all from the same providers. It is also nice that we can try our hand at this casino playing for virtual money and thus get to know the platform and individual, specific games without any risk of losing real money.

As in other major casinos also in 888.com we have the ability to play live dealer games through online webcam. This is always an additional emotion and above all the pleasure of the game is greater although when the visual qualities of the dealer leading the game are satisfactory – which of course is half a joke of the fields seriously – it is known that this type of game is much more pleasant for the player and also has much greater reliability when it comes to manipulating the results of draws – here, rather, manipulation will not happen too easily. It is also worth mentioning how good the casino has prepared for players who like roulette.

We can play here European varieties of roulette, which give the highest probability of winning-from a purely mathematical point of view-just the advantage of the casino in them is the smallest. This is one of the good news-another is that the casino organizes a kind of roulette tournaments. They rely on the fact that within a certain time, participants must multiply their capital as much as possible-those who achieve the best result receive high additional bonuses from the casino. On the one hand, they are here to get financial benefits, but it is also fun to interact with other players.

Of course, to choose from in addition to roulette there are many other casino games-more or me popular and a lot of slot games. Let's also remember that using 888.com we will also play online poker and we can also take advantage of the betting offer. Test 888.com thanks to this, it was very successful-we appreciate when we can settle so many things with one account on one site with the same online gambling service provider.

Pros and cons


  • Comprehensive offer: many casino games but also poker and betting
  • Casino licensed by the Gambling Commission on Gibraltar
  • Well-known company, on the market for almost 20 years
  • Customer support and interface are also available in Polish and 14 other languages
  • Low minimum amounts to bet as well as low payout amounts

Minuses: There is no information on the profitability of individual machines on the site.